IT Services

B-Built Technologies specializes in the hardware, setup and repair of PC computer systems.

With new systems, we work with the client and design a system around their needs. This is an advantage to the client as the system will work for them and what they want to use it for, it will have all the features that they require and it will preform to what the client requires.

We work with selecting each piece of hardware for what the client requires. This includes every detail of the system. This includes every detail of the system including internal parts, screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, accessories, printers, scanners, cables and attachments.

We also specialize in mobile repairs, with a mobile repair service that can come to your premises and fix the computer. The problem is that most people don't like to have to pull their computer apart, because that is a job in itself, having to take the computer to a computer shop, waiting to get a response or get it repaired and then getting it back and still having that little problem that you forgot to tell the computer technician about. Once transporting it back from the shop, then having to plug it all back in again...

By having a mobile service, a technician can come to the premises and troubleshoot/diagnose the problem with the owner. This means less downtime, and a more personal and customised service.


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